Celestron Powerseeker 70 az Telescope

The Celestron Powerseeker 70 az telescope is a relatively new product especially for amateur astronomers, both novice and experienced. It is somewhat hard to decide where to go for your next (or first) telescope.
Celestron Powerseeker 70 az telescopecelestron powerseeker 70 az

The Celestron Powerseeker 70 az is one that you may have seen advertised on Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock or other online retailers. If you are interested in investing in your first telescope, it is hard to determine what the right choice for your needs is. Even more, experienced astronomers can have trouble choosing a new telescope. If you are looking to buy a telescope as a present for a budding astronomer and know nothing about telescopes, the decision can be even more difficult.


The Powerseeker features are more limited when comparing to an advanced telescope, but are still worth noting. The simple, no-tool setup makes it easy to set up and take down the telescope for each use and is easy for a novice to maneuver. PowerSeekers sit on a sturdy but collapsible mount, making storage easy and viewing ideal. These features make it one of the more portable telescopes on the market. The 3x Barlow lens improves the power of the images seen through a range of different eyepieces. The fully coated glass optical components and high transmission coatings brighten and clarify the images. While Erect Image Optics make both terrestrial and astronomical viewing a breeze.

What Else Should You Know?

Apart from the features listed on the manufacturer’s website, the PowerSeeker comes with a computer program that can be used to enhance the experience. It allows you to input an address and see which constellations, planets, and stars should be visible in your region. A DVD is also included to help get you started on your astrological path. Watching terrestrial nature is a recommended use for this telescope, as the setup is easy and the telescope is very portable. Bird watching is a common use for this telescope, as the less powerful lenses are more powerful than any pair of binoculars.

Who Should Buy This Telescope?

While this product is of superior quality to many in its price range, it may not be for everyone. This product is geared towards beginners, rather than seasoned astronomers. A more practiced astronomer may find the features a bit lacking from what they’re used to. This product is perfect for a beginner or early-level telescope enthusiast. The setup is simple and use is intuitive. A beginner may feel overwhelmed with a more powerful and expensive telescope, so this product is the perfect mix of quality and ease of use.

Astronomy Interest

Especially for a child who is interested in astronomy, this would be a perfect product to produce a quality image. This is without the frustration of learning their way around a complicated setup. If you are looking to buy a telescope that is not a toy, but is not too advanced for a child to learn, then this is the telescope for you. Everyone knows that kids are fickle beings. They may be into astronomy one week and move on to botany the next. This is a risk-averse price point, so if the child loses interest it is not a large investment lost. This goes double for the possibility of the telescope breaking, though there is a warranty (listed below).

Being that the quality of this telescope is superior to others in the price range, there are some circumstances in which an advanced astronomer may be interested in buying this product. If you have a more expensive telescope, there are certain places that you wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing it. If a person wants to stargaze on the beach, the sand and salt have a chance of compromising the telescope. The PowerSeeker offers a satisfactory image for the more advanced, with the comfort that it does not cost an arm and a leg. It is also extremely portable and the setup is quick. This could be a great backup telescope for a more advanced user.

Where to Buy

This product can be found on Amazon, Overstock, and a list of the manufacturer’s “trusted partners” in the US and Canada included. The price point varies based on where you buy and seems to range from about $80 – $100. There is a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, which covers defective components. Full detail of the warranty is outlined on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.com.

An accessory kit can also be purchased for around $40. This includes new eyepieces, planetary filters (blue, red and moon), a microfiber cleaning cloth and a carrying case. The eyepieces offer increased magnification to help the viewer get the most out of this telescope. They are of higher quality than those that come standard and improve the overall magnification quality. The filters help enhance the details of Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. While the Moon filter allows for a fuller view of the moon during its brighter phases. These additions are highly recommended if you want to optimize this telescope. Altogether, the price of the telescope with the accessory set included should still be around $100.


If you or someone you know is looking to take the first step into astronomy, the Celestron PowerSeeker 70az is the right decision. It combines ease of use with the quality of the image and is the perfect choice for an entry level astronomer. While there are certainly more powerful telescopes on the market. You would be hard pressed to find similar performance out of a telescope in the same price range as the PowerSeeker. Even for more advanced users, this product can act as a reliable secondary telescope due to its low price, portability, and quality of an image.

There are multiple purchasing options for this telescope. The manufacturer’s partners can be found in the link above, and shipping will cost anywhere from $0-$10, depending on the site. Both new and used PowerSeekers can be found on Amazon.com, along with the accessory kit and other helpful add-ons. Don’t miss another night’s sky or bird watching trip. Visit the Celestron website for any specific queries but to get your new telescope I would suggest Amazon.com. Here you will find the best deals available, and start gazing tonight and you will be impressed!


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