Samsung F90 Camcorder Review

Samsung F90 Camcorder

Welcome, here we will be looking at the best Video Cameras (Camcorders) including the Samsung F90 Camcorder, running through some of the features and also making sure you get the lowest prices online.

Camcorder F90

HMX F90 Camcorder

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Our reviews are created from research by the manufacturer but of course, that would not give you the whole picture so we also look at the customer opinion and reviews so you can get a more in-depth look about any hidden surprises.

What is the Best Camcorder? Samsung F90

Our #1 pick is the Samsung HMX F90 Camcorder and this is because for the quality and the price. You get the best selling HD (high definition) Camcorder on the market today, which at the moment it is under special offer price.
If you’re in a hurry check out the Samsung HMX F90 Camcorder
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Let’s look at the features of the Samsung F90 Camcorder:

A choice of colors Black or White
52x Optical Zoom
1280x720p HD video recording
One-Touch Sharing Button to upload videos
Wide F1.8 aperture lens to shoot in low light
HDMI output to connect to an HDTV

Review of Samsung F900 Camcorder:

Having researched the Samsung F90 Black Camcorder customers have said that videos have come out perfectly, even those taken under low-light. So did the sound quality, they found that the sound that its built-in microphone produces,is very good.

The camera is small, lightweight and easy to operate. It comes with a small “quick start” set of instructions although the online manual is well written and easy to follow if a little long-winded.

Get closer with the clear and powerful 52x optical zoom which is an incredible zoom to capture incredible detail.
The Stabiliser technology minimizes blurring due to hand shake or subject movement

You can see a live view of everything on-screen the 2.7″ LCD display gives you a wide viewing angle. Let your camcorder do the hard work just point and shoot as the camcorder automatically adjusts the settings to deal with varying light conditions or image details using Smart Auto function.

Transfers movies:

The camcorder comes with a USB adapter for easy transferring of movies to your computer. Uploading your footage on to social networking sites comes easily with One Touch Sharing.

It also comes with an adapter to watch movies on the TV. You can connect to an HD TV to enjoy superb widescreen playback using HDMI port output also you can view/delete movies on the camcorder after recording.

Capturing still images over an extended period and play them back at a faster speed gives you great Time Lapse ability.

Hitting the button with the red dot will start the recording, and pressing it again will stop recording. Using the Pause Function allows the user to take brief pauses in filming.

In fact, these are all some of the good reasons we have rated this as the #1 on our site, we are very confident that this Samsung HMX F90 Black or White Camcorder will be the very best camcorder that you could find.

There are only a couple of negatives.

The camcorder did not come with an SD card. You have to purchase one (a 32 gb works well).

This camcorder has no facility for attaching an external microphone.

Should You Buy The Samsung F90 Camcorder?

Yes, in a word!

If you are interested in buying the Samsung F90 Black Camcorder at the best price is at

Customer Reviews

There are far too many features to mention them all, but these combined with the lowest price this Samsung F90 Camcorder is the very Best Selling Camcorder on the market.

For capturing those special moments in life with the Samsung F900 Camcorder which comes with 52x Optical Zoom that will perfectly capture lifelike images and get unbelievably close to the action from far away.

Also having a screen that flips entirely around so that you can watch as you record. The timesaving One-Touch Sharing Button does makeĀ it simple to upload videos to the internet.

Other innovative features include Smart Background Music to enhance your movies’ mood and MyClip to help you find your favorite scenes instantly.


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