Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder Review

Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder 

Reviewing the Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder, when I first saw the incredibly low price this Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder comes at. I was expecting a really budget camcorder with poor functionality.

samsung hmx f900



But after going through the manufacturer’s description in some detail keen to give it a try. I needed something to make videos as good as possible for an amateur like me. The HMX-F900 camcorder fulfilled that role perfectly.






For an everyday camcorder, it shoots with great detail and has a decent amount of extra features in it as well.

The price would lead one to expect a low-budget camera, but it certainly doesn’t have low-end quality.

The battery life is good, the viewfinder goes around and helps me set up each shot. There are many other software features which all produce great processing.

Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder Quality 

This camcorder can take 720p HD video which is great for all activities and those special happenings. I definitely would bring this video camera to such activities.

The video quality at 720p is very crisp, and these sensors deliver a nice, vibrant color. The camcorder records at a standard 30 frames per second.

720p may not be the best caliber of video image resolution, but it is all I really need and expect from a device like this.

For zooming, this Samsung HMX F900 Video Camera can handle a zoom of up to 52x. This is a great feature when focusing around on all the action.

I went to an electoral voting convention about a month ago and got clean, close shots of one of my favorite guest presenters.

The image quality was still nice even in spite of me having to zoom in on. If you’re wondering, the close-up and withdrawing (zooming) is done optically which is very far enhanced to its digital zoom counterpart.

The digital view finding screen is really great especially when I need to scope out a shot and see it through the lens’ eyes.

It is an LCD screen at 2.7 inches long; the only difficulty I found with this configuration is that under a lot of sunlight. Plus the screen couldn’t retain great visibility.

The angles for viewing on the camera are quite nice which is something I find to be pretty fundamental to a digital viewfinder.

Standing to the side of the display isn’t a problem and I could still see all the motion without any visual defects.

Features of the HMX-F900

There are a few stylish miscellaneous features I found on the video camera as well as some things which could have been enhanced.

Some of the pleasant features include bookmarking certain timeframes within a clip and being able to skip to them. Adding backdrop music, the time-lapse feature, and pausing the recording without producing a separate file when you continue.

Of course, I didn’t really read the manual thoroughly but that’s because it’s very long winded and I don’t believe you should have to study literature that hard to work a simple camcorder.

The thing I would like to see modified is the ease of use in regard to the menu. Often times, I was left touching all the different buttons to try and find the functionality I needed.

After I got used to the all the push buttons. I must apologize to the Samsung about the F900 video camera for calling it discourteous names.

Overall, I was very pleased; the videos I take with this device are a delight to playback and watch on my T.V. or computer display. 

Reviewing the Samsung HMX F900 Camcorder was a real treat a great video camera



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